Clan Murray  Society of Nova Scotia

Annual Meeting

May 4, 2013

The Annual Meeting was held May 4, 2013 at Smitty’s Family Restaurant in Truro. 12 Members present. Robert Murray of Truro chaired the meeting and welcomed all. The agenda was accepted as presented. The minutes of 2012 meeting were read and approved after corrections regarding   bank balance which should have read $972.29 rather $76.38 and Robert MacDonald of Antigonish, should have read Robert Murray and not Robert MacDonald.


A note was read from Carol Hazelden saying that she is declining membership. Also she enclosed a cheque for $10.00 (past dues)

A letter was read from The New Glasgow Music Festival awards committee thanking the Clan Murray for the donation of $100.00 towards a student in a Scottish Class Fiddle Contest. The recipient in this years contest was Allison Stewart.

Treasurers Report:

Bank Balance = $432.71.  And members received a copy of the financial report.  Report adopted on motion of Dave and Ian.

Business Arising from the Minutes:

Ian reported that they put a new link on the Chebucto Web Site and brought the Clan Murray website up to date. From now on, the minutes can go on the Clan Murray  Website. The Clan Murray Society of North America has a very good website.  We will try to get as many email address as possible to put on the website.

Marjorie exported that she telephoned Anne Emmet, contact person for the Clan Signs in Pictou.  Ms. Emmet said that they were in the process of painting and repairing all the signs.

Dave reported on our Clan tent, and said that all tents have to be Fire Resistant and have liability Insurance before they can  be used. Clan Murray tent has neither therefore, it was  RMS by Ian and Graham that a picture be taken of the tent and advertise it on the website, asking price $125.00. Motion Carried.

Dave reporting on the Scottish Cultural Festival to be held in Halifax in September, 2013.  He said that he attended one of their meetings and no one showed up. He has since learned that their meetings are active but does not know how successful they are,  (Halifax Celtic Society).

It is the 200th Anniversary of the Scots coming to Nova Scotia .


New Business:

It was RMS by Dave and Ian that we pay $30.00 to Clan Nova Scotia and that the signing officers remain the same. Motion Carried

It was RMS by Mavis and Dave that we donate $100.00 to the New Glasgow Music Festival Motion Carried

The Festival of the Tartans New Glasgow will now take place on July 21st.

The Antigonish Highland Games is scheduled to take place July 12,13, and 14 , this is the 150th year anniversary of the Highland Games .


Graham Campbell of Truro has agreed to take on the secretarial duties, Dave Murray of Halifax has agreed to  continue the treasurer duties and Robert Murray ( Antigonish) has agreed to chair our 2014 Annual Meeting .

It was RMS by Dave and Graham that our next annual meeting be held on Saturday May 3 , 2014

Robert Murray (Antigonish) introduced our Guest Speaker, and Historian – Glen Matheson – Glen Spoke and showed slides on the Rogart Mountain Trail, a 6.2 km loop in Earl town, Nova Scotia.  The trail begins at what now is now called “Sugar Moon Farm”.  Some of the highlights on the trail are Maple Woods ,some  look offs, a brook which connects to the Waugh’s river and Mountains and Falls.  Ian said the presentation was extremely interesting because of the fact that the village of Earltown was home to some of our member’s ancestors and familiar to most.  Also some of us did not know that such a place existed.

Robert Murray of Antigonish on behalf of the members thanked Glen for his wonderful presentation.

Again Robert Murray of Truro is to be commended for his efforts of widely promoting the Clan Murray Society Annual Meeting though the media.

The Clan Murray tent is scheduled to be manned at the Antigonish Highland Games by Robert and Mavis Murray and Earle and Marjorie Murray.

The meeting was adjourned and Food and Fellowship was enjoyed by all.

Respectfully submitted

Marjorie Murray Secretary